[Marxism] Wed. Dec. 15th's 'Wikileaks' meeting at the Perth Activist Centre: Free Speech indeed: that's the issue

Graham Milner gkmilner at eftel.net.au
Wed Dec 29 05:10:44 MST 2010

> On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 12:51 PM, Graham Milner <gkmilner at eftel.net.au> 
> wrote:

>> Perhaps Alex, or one of his co-thinkers in Socialist Alliance, could 
>> provide an explanation to the members of this list as to why he behaved 
>> the way he did at the Activist Centre on the evening of December 15, and 
>> why he considered it necessary to strike out the quotation I cited from 
>> Leon Trotsky's Testament?

> I think you should take it to the principal. Perhaps he will put Alex
> in a timeout, or send him to after-school detention.

Well, you know, I myself would have preferred a blackboard for the quote, 
being something of a traditionalist.   But there is only a whiteboard in the 
Perth Activist Centre (and Socialist Alliance HQ).   At least, unlike the 
founder of Wikileaks, I didn't get solitary confinement. 

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