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Welcome to Swans Commentary  http://www.swans.com/  December 27, 2010

*** We have reached our 2010 fundraising goal thanks to the last-minute 
contributions of Richard Brand, John McVey, Marsha Botzer, Karen Moller, 
Miriam Adams, Michael & Therese Pacheco, Melissa Smith & David Saslav, 
and Frank Lieser Hill. Many, many thanks to all who have generously 
supported our efforts. Best wishes for the New Year. ***

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Note from the Editors:  2010 has gone by so darn fast that it's hard to 
keep in mind that time is a constant actuality. Whatever one does, one 
ages. At Swans we have been fortunate to keep scuttlebutt at bay. We 
have tried as hard as could be to remain unduly mischievous and critical 
of the powers that be. We've also tried to offer alternatives...to no 
avail. No one cares, it seems. Status quo reigns supreme.

We also have worked very hard to bring you what we hope was quality 
content. How hard? Just read the report written by Gilles d'Aymery. It's 
been a tough year... We will have to take it a bit easier on ourselves 
in 2011. At least for all his sacrifices, Gilles has been rewarded with 
an uncommon gift, bread that could rival the famous pain Poilâne. And 
since we are in a festive mood Jan Baughman is sharing the recipe she 
stumbled upon after a painful, 20-year quest to find good bread. Call it 
your lucky day. It's the best bread west of Paris. Happy cooking! as 
Jacques Pépin would say. As usual, we end with your thoughtful letters 
on our year-end perspectives.

Now, without further ado, here comes our impishly -- and traditional -- 
Infamous PredictionsTM. If you find them unduly prankish, don't worry -- 
they won't harm you as much as going through the body scanners at your 
local airport.

With gratitude for the donations we received, let's look forward to the 
next issue that will be published on January 17, 2011. Sincere greetings 
for the New Year.

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Remember, what's free to you is not to us! To help our work financially 
please visit http://www.swans.com/about/donate.html

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Gilles d'Aymery -- Swans

"Hungry man, reach for the book: It is a weapon."  B. Brecht

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