[Marxism] True Grit? Humbug....a response.

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 18:29:48 MST 2010

For my part, I just loved it, but I'll restrict myself to just a few
comments as just back from the movie.  From the start, I found myself in
jaw-dropping wonder that they had every found any place that looked as much
as Fort Smith did in the period portrayed.  And the building where Judge
Parker held court could have been the real site...which is in the National
Park there today.

Rooster Cogburn's charge against the four desperados was one of the most
memorable scenes in any western, but John Wayne was firing with a rifle in
one hand.  Jeff Bridges did a proper Missouri charge...reigns in the teeth
and six-guns blazing.  The original would have had another pair on the
saddle and maybe a third pair in the boots to save on the reloading.

But Hailee Steinfeld's performance as Mattie Ross (and I did like Kim
Darby's) stole the show.  She did this remarkably gutsy character full
justice....and, most assuredly, there certainly were people like that....


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