[Marxism] True Grit? Humbug....a response.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 25 16:24:44 MST 2010

On 12/25/10 6:15 PM, DW wrote:

> I also thought it rather cheap (as in cheap laughs) the Cogburn's
> character's rough treatment of the Native American kids sitting out in front
> of the house that Louis describes in his review. Racist? Probably. True to
> character? Absolutely. Louis, however, fails to explain Cogburn's anger at
> these children in his review: they were torturing a horse with sharp stick
> as he and Matty rode up on them. I suspect his attitude toward this kids
> would be the same had they been white.

Interesting. I missed this while watching the movie, which admittedly 
required toothpicks under my eyelids to focus on. However, the causality 
is suspect nonetheless. The idea of Indian children torturing horses is 
first of all inconsistent with their culture and history. Plus, you 
don't put that into a movie (or novel) without seeking to make a point. 
That point being, I imagine, that everybody is shitty.

> Unlike Louis, I go into any movie with the view of watching the film of what
> the movie *itself* is trying to show me, with little expectations, and as
> little prejudice as possible. I couldn't care less, nor would I let it color
> my view of a movie because of the *politics* of the actor involved. I loved
> the Jesse Stone mini-series of detective shows on CBS despite Tom Selleck's
> pimping for National Review and Ronald Reagan. Don't care. Never will.

That's fine. This is a free country, after all.

> Lastly, I don't even own a DVD player. I see movies the way they were meant
> to be seen: on a BIG screen, with lots of people in the theatre.

Most of the movies I get in November or December are things I am just 
not interested in, like "True Grit" or "Inception" so the idea of going 
to a theater to check out "True Grit" with an unbiased eye is out of the 
question. I am going to be 66 in January and feel entitled to my prejudices.

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