[Marxism] blog post: The Obtuseness of the "Left Establishment"

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 16 15:37:12 MST 2010

Mark replied: "I saw Michael Moore's name get a thousand people to a rally on about an hour's notice. On the other hand, ... Rattling the left-liberal tree to see if we can shake loose some of these people is never amiss...just so long as we don't let anything important ride on it...." 

Yes, 'cause getting the Michael Moore's and Tom Haydens to "get off their duffs" has been such a successful strategy that we should focus on shakin' that left-liberal thang. Wouldn't getting more of their loyal opposition channeling of more votes to pressure Obama and the Democrats be "letting ride something important"? 

I do understand the importance of winning bourgeois liberals to support mass action. I just wonder if writing them a letter to change their minds and tactics (born of a lifetime of lesser-evilism) is really a fruitful approach. I'm willing to be convinced, but need to be.


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