[Marxism] Nader is losing it

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 11 15:04:58 MST 2010

On 12/11/10 4:37 PM, Shane Mage wrote:

> How is he "losing it?"

Mainly by omitting any reference to how Bloomberg sexually harassed 
women at Salomon Brothers. I know about this first-hand because I did 
work for this skunk in 1975.

Posted to PEN-L in 2001:

> Michael Bloomberg
> Louis Proyect
> Mon, 09 Apr 2001 12:19:06 -0700
> [Michael Bloomberg is the 105th richest man in America, mostly on the basis
> of financial information terminals that he leases to banks, brokerages,
> etc. He launched this business in 1979 with capital from a severance
> package he got from Salomon Brothers after being on the losing end of power
> struggle. In 1974 I was a programmer at Salomon and Bloomberg was my user.
> I had developed a mini brokerage system for Salomon Brothers International
> Limit, which was part of his fiefdom at the firm. When an African-American
> woman who I worked with found out that I was assigned to Bloomberg, she
> spat out, "He's the biggest pig at the firm." When minority women
> secretaries would bring coffee to a broker on Salomon's immense trading
> floor, Bloomberg often yelled out things like "Look at the tits on that
> spic." He is now running for mayor of NYC on the Republican Party ticket,
> only because he found the Democratic Party primary crowded. This is from a
> profile on him at: http://www.newyorkmag.com/]
> He admits he's tried to clean up his act in recent years -- he limits
> himself in front of me to the abbreviated "NFW," as in "no fucking way" --
> but friends and colleagues acknowledge that he can be a salty guy, a true
> product of Wall Street's raunchy trading-desk culture. "He's a really bawdy
> guy, very funny," says a woman friend, "but you don't take 75 percent of
> what he says seriously; he just loves to get a rise out of women." Female
> staff report that he has a good record for promoting women and minorities
> and has never been accused of hitting on his employees, but he has made
> flip sexual comments that women have found offensive.
> Last month, the Daily News rehashed the details of a 1997 sexual-harassment
> complaint against Bloomberg by former sales executive Sekiko Garrison, who
> charged that when she told him she was pregnant, he responded, "Kill it."
> He has denied, under oath, that he made this and other crude statements,
> but nonetheless he settled the case last spring, for a sum said to be less
> than six figures. The lawsuit wasn't news per se -- it had been mentioned
> before in the press -- but the specific charges taken from the original
> legal papers made headlines. "Mike expected people would dredge it up,"
> says Bill Cunningham, a recently hired senior political adviser to
> Bloomberg, "which is why he took and passed a lie-detector test."
> Bloomberg chooses his words carefully when he's asked about the
> sexual-harassment lawsuit and the press feeding frenzy after the Daily News
> story. "It was very hurtful," he says. "I am 100 percent convinced that
> this company and myself acted honorably." Why settle, then? "I settled it
> because it would have dragged on and on and been disruptive for me and a
> lot of people who would have been brought in [for depositions]." His
> expanding team of political advisers fervently hope the story will be old
> news by the time Bloomberg is expected to announce in June. "If it had to
> come out," one of them says, "it's much better to do it now rather than a
> week before the election."

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