[Marxism] Obama Isn't Spineless, He's Conservative

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 11 10:09:34 MST 2010

Just because they are intelligent, doesn't mean they aren't stupid.  Just 
because they are consistent in their loyalty to capitalism, doesn't mean 
they aren't unprincipled.

Just because he's conservative doesn't mean he isn't spineless.

He is, and they are, all those things.  Their, the bourgeoisie's, 
intelligence is a marketing mechanism.  Their stupidity is their 
intelligence in that both are based on a disavowal of history, and of the 
reality of the society they create.

Look at how quickly the "free market" investment bankers ran for the cover 
of the public treasury when their investing long ran into their borrowing 
short.  Does that make them liberals, spineless, conservatives, courageous, 
traiterous, loyal?

It makes them the bourgeoisie, doing anything and everything to preserve 
their property.

And that, being the bourgeoisie, makes types like Bernie Madoff and types 
like Warren Buffett two peas in the same pod, no matter how much Warren may 
wish it weren't so.

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