[Marxism] The New Anti-capitalist Party and Islamophobia

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Speaking of Identity politics, Working-Class politics have really been
identity politics. They have fought to get more power for a very narrowly
conceived "working-class." If you believe that the statement, "P is a
worker," tells you _anything_ about P as a person, then you are captured by
Working-Class Identity politics instead of class politics.


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Arthur Maglin wrote:


The majority of the left in France believe that the hijab is an assault 
on women's rights. This position quickly moves into the prejudice that 
Muslim women in France are more oppressed than non-Muslim women, that 
the experience of women in, say, Saudi Arabia is merely an extreme case 
of an oppression which is inherent in Islam.
This brings to mind the lesbian-feminist/separatist success in getting 
the "G" replaced by the "L" in the increasingly silly and expanding 
"LGBT2SQIAA etc. etc." acronym. What a problem: How to weigh those 
oppressions? Among same-sexers, for now at least, the "L" has won out as 
the supposedly "most oppressed" and thus deserving of first place 
mention in all cases.
     This is all silliness from the point of view of any rational approach.
     Identity politics running amok.
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