[Marxism] How big or important is the Wikileaks?

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 6 21:04:14 MST 2010

sorry, sensitive send button issue. Here is my reply

Peter observed: "To get a measure of the political value of Wikileaks the LAST thing I'd consider is whether or not people on this list or similar lists are surprised."

Indeed, Peter, the virulent reaction by the capitalist governments (as well as China) to these rather obvious revelations (they do have the effect of reinforcing what many have been opining about the secret role of the "diplomatic corps") can only be explained as a "Gulf of Tonkin" assault on political freedom. I have to agree with several who have already observed that we are about to see a wave anti-democratic legislation that may result in forcing dissent of thought underground. "Vigorously" is an understatement of the need and the opportunity that we fighters for democracy must see in this coming period. It may be that anyone who solidarizes with Wikileaks and other such efforts in the future will be threatened with blacklisting or worse.  		 	   		  

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