[Marxism] re : Voline, Mahkno, and the Bolshevik

Carlos Riquelme riquelmeruz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 17:43:45 MST 2010

I just read the text and it clarifies me a lot of things. The lack of
Makhno`s political project, beyond his propaganda, is very well demonstrated
in the article.

It is worthless - for me - to speculate on the individual responsibilities
of figures like Trotsky or Maknho and who is the betrayer, because of the
lack of reliable historical sources. In my opinion, it is more useful to
think of the political projects of both, anarchists and bolsheviks, in a
historical context. In this sense, that is the worth of the present article.

Sorry my english.


- Carlos.

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