[Marxism] Marx and the Anti Fascist Alliance [off beat WikiLeak]

paul_s at teambridge.net paul_s at teambridge.net
Wed Dec 1 00:40:39 MST 2010

It wasn't very long ago and it wasn't in a galaxy far away ...

The communists of the Soviet Union and the Chinese Red Army were allies in
the great battle against the Roman Axis Powers.  You really realise the
Roman connection here in old Manchuria where the Japanese Neo-Roman
buildings still stand.

But General Ike Isenhower did a very rewarding deal with the centre of the
Axis Powers, a good Roman Catholic boy he was.  And General Douglas
MacArthur accepted half of the gold stolen from China by the Japanese.
Both men were subscribers to Time Magazine when Adolf Hitler was Man of
the Year in 1938.

So, it should come as no surprise that the renmant of the Free World
despise  the murdering arrogance of the USA.  And in this time of 'global
warming' a nation destroying attack is best effected through subterfuge -
poetic justice indeed.

Who could be surprised at a renewal of the old Alliance that took on
Fascist domination and very nearly won if not for two signal acts of

Do we not realise that the USA is no longer the only country with atomic

This is all a bit of a worry to me. Does it worry you?
I am motivated to act.  Are you?
Can we co-operate?

Emergency Supplies:

Lockdown Entertainment:

Best wishes for a survivable and even an ethically financially rewarding
"climate armageddon".

paul sayers

Changchun Film Studio

Alien News from Deep Space

Senior Executive Producer UK
= Ian Broughall, Lord of Jura

Executive Producer UK
= Roger Ings, Strings Security Limited

Executive Producer, Russian Federeration
=Alexander Medvedev, Chief of Stuff

Executive Producer, China PRC (Jilin Province)
Larry Wang Gang, Director Jilin Province Foreign Affairs Office

Senior Producer, China PRC (Jilin Province)
= Grace Lijuan Yang, Deputy Director Changchun City Foreign Affairs Office

Key Strategic Partners
= Pogues Armoury, British Army (film industry special effects)

We are based within the film industry near the northern overland border
into North Korea, near Russia, Japan, within China PRC, in a region that
is becoming known as the North East Asian Co-Prosperity Co-Operative
Sphere, or the "Eastern Alliance". Our brief (as well as enteraining!) is
to assist the Chinese authorities to police the porous northern North
Korean border to guard against the proliferation of nuclear weapons. We
also promote North Korean made produce into the international market
(through Chinese warehouses).

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