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> De : c.barker at mmu.ac.uk
> Date : 16 novembre 2009 18:38:03 HNEC
> À : "funeral fund" <c.barker at mmu.ac.uk>
> Objet : Chris Harman
> Dear comrades,
> You will, I am sure, have been shocked and saddened by Chris  
> Harman’s death.
> As you know, Chris died in Egypt. This has created a difficult  
> material problem for his family. In order to get Chris’s body home  
> to England for the funeral, and to pay for the funeral costs, the  
> family have to raise quite a large sum of money which they simply  
> don’t have.
> It may be that you have already been approached about this, in which  
> case my apologies. But if not, you would probably like to know that  
> an emergency fund has been established to help bring Chris’s body  
> back to England, and – when the coroner has then released it – to  
> enable us all to meet together and hold a funeral for our lost  
> comrade.
> Mike Simons’s bank account is being used for this purpose. The  
> account name is Mr ML Simons  Nat West Sort Code 60 04 24 Account  
> Number 22663371. Don't forget to put your name as the payment  
> reference. If you have trouble doing an electronic transfer, Mike’s  
> address is 23 Powerscroft Road, London E5 0PU.
> Money is always embarrassing. I’m told that something like £8,000 is  
> needed. Donations to date have ranged from £50 to many times that.
> Please show this message to anyone you think might like to  
> contribute. The matter is urgent.
> In sorrow and comradeship
> Colin Barker

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