[Marxism] The Cranes are Flying worldwide distribution, and why payback is not piracy

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat May 30 12:01:30 MDT 2009

Mehmet,  "how did you come to the decision that someone who is a subscriber
of a Marxist mailing list do not agree with you on this subject?

Since you usually use capital letters to emphasize something, I'm also
curious why did you refer to me as "SOMEONE"?

*  *  *

Ooops -- I put "someone" for Mehmet at the last minute with my thought being
although this at points could be taken as polemical, it wasn't meant to be,
so let's leave mehmet out of it, and keep the quote to just indicate this
subject has been raised on the list. Re-reading now, I see why Mehmet took
umbrage, and apologize, I should have taken the time to clean up my post a
little in that regard, especially as my intention originally was just to
provide the links and minimal instruction, but as I got into it I got
carried away and would up doing a whole writeup on the wrongs of copyright.

Again, apologies to Mehmet and anyone else who felt alluded to/polemicized
with. That wasn't at ALL my intent, just sloppy writing. 


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