[Marxism] The DPRK (north Korea) ends truce with ROK (south) over southern threats to shipping

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 28 12:54:15 MDT 2009

Adam Richmond wrote:
> Cuba, on the other hand, 90 miles from the shores of the armed-to-the-teeth United States, has no need of nuclear weapons.  What's the difference?  Despite its hardships, the Cuban people will likely defend their country from US aggression.  Can the same be said of the residents of the DPRK?

I will be posting a long article about North Korean movies that I have 
been seeing as a guest of the Korea Society in NY. It will give me a 
chance to ruminate on this country, a victim of its own self-imposed 
isolation. I am actually toying with the idea of contacting their 
consulate to give them some ideas on PR. If they simply made their 
subtitled movies available on the web, it would do a lot to allow people 
to get past the stereotypes.

Last Thursday I saw "Womri Island", a war movie based on a historical 
event, the North Korean battle against a vastly superior American naval 
force that allowed an orderly retreat by the army in 1950. It is, in 
effect, their Bay of Pigs. The movie is filled with embarrassing homages 
to their Dear General, but speaking as somebody who has spent some time 
in Turkey I can tell you that this kind of worship of a founding father 
is not unusual in such newly decolonized societies.

More to come...

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