[Marxism] Stalinism is Fascism

David Picón Álvarez david at miradoiro.com
Wed May 27 14:41:53 MDT 2009

I regret not having enough time to discuss this topic in greater detail 
(I'll be soon sitting exams) but I think this article on Lenin's Tomb is 
quite to the point: 

Summarizing my position very quickly, I think what's been said about Stalin 
is a bit reductionistic. The fSU wasn't Stalin, much as he might have liked 
it to be, and therefore even during Stalinism the fSU was substantially 
distinguishable from fascism.

Ideologically, I would argue the primary point is the class composition and 
thrust of both movements: whereas fascism is essentially a petty bourgeois 
movement (which we see in the way fascist regimes exhalt the values of 
respectability or individual genius) and is reactionary in nature (even in 
its Italian incarnation, which while aesthetically joined to futurism, had a 
lot more to do with a certain nostalgia for ancient institutions, and a 
certain purportedly existing ancient type of liberty), Stalinism bases 
itself on the working class and does not attempt to withdraw to some 
idealized past but to create a certain form of future.

I disagree on many of the points which have been raised comparing Stalinism 
to fascism as well (such as the idea of Stalin as promoting class 
collaboration) however I lack the time to go into detail.


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