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Sun May 24 21:09:55 MDT 2009

On 5/24/09, Mark Lause <markalause at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, you've not answered my question....  I think when you are
>  insistent about what should not be done, there's a certain obligation
>  to discuss what you thing should be done.  The list knows where I
>  stand, for better or worse.
>  But, if all these other people are fucked up, it seems to me a very
>  fair question to ask what are you advocating.
>  You can answer (again) by asserting that I'm a bastard, but--even if
>  it's true--that's not real responsive on your part...
>  ML

I answered your question before you asked it, if you'd bothered to pay

It should be realtively easy to try and figure out what kind of
organization I'm interested in creating by looking at the
organizations in which I'm in: the Socialist Party, the Kasama
Project, and the Miami May Day Alliance (though there's little into
about this one on the web). None of these groups are line
organizations. None of them are ideologically pure.

In fact, I'm not really out to build any one (or three)
organization(s). I'm out to build the whole freakin' movement. I have,
as a member of the SPUSA, helped recruit people to PSL, though I've
never been a member. A comrade down here is interested in building a
branch of Workers World. I've offered to help. I've pointed people
interested in the ISO in their direction.

I don't care whether any one group or another grows. I care that the
movement grows. What I'd like to see is more comrades and groups doing
something like that, rather than refusing to work with most of the
socialist movement. It seems that 90% of the left has a very narrow
conception of the left, and those whom it considers worthy of working

I don't even hate Solidarity. I just think that a lot of people have
an unrealistic view of the organization, that it's one of the better
groups on the left. It's feet are just as much clay as every other
group. There is no group that is perfect, and while some groups are
particularly bad, I can't think of any that are so good we should be

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