[Marxism] ISO's conference.

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri May 22 14:30:47 MDT 2009

Andrew Pollack writes: "Yes, I would characterize Solidarity's union work as

I agree in a certain sense but I think this is mostly the fault of the
political organization, not the comrades involved in the labor work. And to
a large degree this is due to factors beyond the control of any of the

In "normal" times there is virtually no life in the unions. Depending on the
specific unit and its history, sometimes you can get lots of resolutions
adopted and so on, but it doesn't mean a great deal. It's when the attacks
come down that more workers relate to the union. 

The truth is to do well what Soli folks are trying to do in the unions
simply requires somewhat more motion and a great deal more union
consciousness than there is. 

But how could there be more when the dominant model is that of a service
organization attending to its clients, rather than a membership group?


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