[Marxism] Obama: From anti-war law professor to warmonger in 100 days

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed May 20 11:12:13 MDT 2009

"Anti-war law professor"? Well, Cockburn got it about a quarter right. Obama was a "lecturer" and then a "senior lecturer"; both may allow him to be addressed by his students as "Professor," but neither actually qualifies as a "Professor" in the academic scheme of things.

As for "anti-war," that must have been in a previous lifetime. Opposed to the invasion of Iraq only as "the wrong war at the wrong time" (a paraphrase, not a quote), but hardly "antiwar," and by that I don't mean he's not a pacifist. He himself made very clear he was opposed to "dumb wars," (and that is a direct quote) i.e., wars for which the "return on investment" wasn't sufficient. Despite his claim as a "professor" of law, and his religious convictions, his concern for international law, much less morality, was entirely absent; practicality was his only criterion. That doesn't qualify one as "antiwar" in the book of anyone who really *is* antiwar, as one might have thought Cockburn was.

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