[Marxism] One State the Alternative to Two-State Solution -Arab League Secretary General

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Tue May 19 16:39:56 MDT 2009

At 18:25 18/05/09 -0700, you wrote:
>...... the 'One Voice Movement,'
>given their documented history of dishonesty and attempts to pass
>themselves off as something other than a zionist front:

That's exactly my conclusion the further I looked into it! And I found out
in the process that this stupid "One Voice Movement" was actually
instrumental in a very recent Israeli PR stunt of some import: the Israeli
entry in the Eurovision song competition.

In case you missed it, Israel tried to show its "inclusiveness" by entering
a pair of singers into the competition, one who was an Israeli Jew, but the
other a Palestinian (a so-called "Israeli Arab"). And this "One Voice
Movement" engineered the whole thing for Israel in what was a shameful
attempt to gloss over the apartheid character of the Israeli state, by
showing the Jew and Arab somehow as "equals."

The Jewish woman was a (typical) zionist who had written a piece praising
the recent slaughter in Gaza. Of course the Palestinian woman was urged to
abide by the boycott, but she put her personal vanity ahead of politics and
went ahead with participating in Eurovision. Eurovision is a big stupid
spectacle put on every year in which a team from each European country (I
guess you didn't know that Israel is part of Europe?!) sings and is judged.
It was held in Moscow a week ago (thus triggering the gay pride march which
was smashed by the Russian police).

When I saw that the "One Voice Movement" was behind that Israeli stunt, I
realized exactly what they are all about: serving Zionism! Period.

TALKING about a 2 state solution is perfectly safe for Israel, as long as
it never amounts to Palestinian power. 

And as far as the pole itself, as I said, such results can only serve the
group that conducted the poll, which has its own agenda.

Actually the poll that concerns me, is the one that shows 85% Israeli
support for the recent massacre in Gaza. As long as Israelis have that
level of racism, and the overwhelming power of the Israeli state is intact,
then I can say that NEITHER the 1 state or 2 state solution is possible :-(

- Jeff

>Also, here's a statement by The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic
>and Cultural Boycott of Israel, calling for a boycott the Jericho-Tel
>Aviv Public Event on October 18th 2007 organized by 'One Voice.' Due
>to the efforts of PACBI, the event was eventually cancelled.

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