[Marxism] CA Special Election, May 19th. Nurses, Peace and Freedom Party calls for NO on all props.

Steve Palmer spalmer999 at yahoo.com
Sat May 16 11:14:05 MDT 2009

Here is PFP's analysis of the CA Budgetary Crisis (something similar is almost certainly Coming to a State Near You Real Soon ...) and its call to CA voters. TV has been stuffed with manipulative ads on both/all sides ... EXCEPT NO ON ALL. PFP cuts through all the crap:

'These propositions are part of a rotten deal made in Sacramento to raise taxes on the poor, cut taxes on corporations, and slash social programs. The Governor and the Legislature stole from the blind and disabled to feed the movie industry. They raised the sales tax on working people while giving huge breaks to multi-state corporations. They lowered the tax credit for children to take $1.4 billion a year from working families.

The politicians now come to us and ask us to ratify their deal and lock parts of it into the State Constitution.

Just say "NO".'

California Nurses Association Voter's Guide gives very clear explanations of the individual props and why they should be opposed:

Get the word out ...



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