[Marxism] Marxism and anarchism!

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy mqduck at mqduck.net
Fri May 15 17:59:51 MDT 2009

Waistline2 at aol.com wrote:
> The masses cannot  carry out insurrection precisely because they are 
> masses.  The masses can  bring society to the threshold of insurrection but an 
> organized political force  - (called a party of a new type by Leninists), is 
> need to effect the transfer of  power and the dismantling of bourgeois 
> property by the victorious laboring  class.

I'm quite open to ideas of how revolutions should or must take place - 
especially as venerable ones as the ideas of the likes of Vladimir Lenin 
- though I've yet to come to any conclusion except that I'd rather not 
come to a conclusion.

But whatever the hell you've got in mind for revolution is nothing I 
want much to do with, no matter how Leninist is may be, and you can bet 
I'll be attacking it with all my anarchistic instinct.

Human: An animal so lost in loathing contemplation of what it thinks it 
is as to overlook what it ought to be.

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