[Marxism] Zuma: "We are not going to change policy"

michael perelman michael at ecst.csuchico.edu
Wed May 13 19:31:51 MDT 2009

I have long heard about AIG's CIA links, but I have not seen anything 
solid, but the name Frank Wisner mentioned below, since someone by that 
name was famous in the early CIA for talking of using the press as a 
"Mighty Wurlitzer."

Louis Proyect wrote:
> On his final day in the country, he barnstormed across Wall Street, 
> meeting privately with investment bankers and editors at The Wall Street 
> Journal. I caught up with him in a stuffy meeting room at the Harvard 
> Club in Midtown, where a small group of powerful investors was gathered 
> around a polished wood table to get a closer look at the new leader. 
> Zuma, dressed in a conservative dark suit with the conventional red 
> power tie, turned his palms up, as if to assure them that he’d come 
> unarmed. Frank Wisner, then a vice chairman of the insurance giant AIG, 
> drove right to the central concern in the room: Since the South African 
> left—the trade unions and the Communist Party—had supported Zuma’s 
> candidacy for the presidency, how would he “respond to pressure to 
> change economic policy”?

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