[Marxism] Obama changes mind on photos

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Wed May 13 18:08:19 MDT 2009

Louis wrote:

"The government was and is afraid of public opinion in the USA. We don't need reminders of how brutal we are when every effort is being bent in the mass media to make people believe that Obama "cares" about us, even as he is about to attack Social Security and Medicare."


I'm occasionally watching nba&nhl playoffs nowadays and this disturbing commercial of US Army ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq-ZVIZJaI8 )  always pops out to remind me that even the seemingly innocent enjoyment of watching the most carnivalesque presentation of sports has a price, even if you think you watch it free: "see what it takes.. goarmy.com". I once criticized a friend of mine for regulating almost all his actions for the sake of saving his appearance, but mistakenly he assumed that I was accusing him for being hypocritical, concealing his true self to manipulate others. But that was not the question at all; I told him that it is his appearance to himself, his self-image that he strives to save from being spoiled. 

If I understand Louis's comment correctly, the danger of publishing those photographs is, in all probability they might make the young Americans, potential candidates of the army service to see what it really takes, who thay really are or will be as an American soldier.



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