[Marxism] Nazi Germany dares to hope for harmony

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Sat May 2 18:34:31 MDT 2009

This was sent ot me off-list by Ruthless Critic - (who has been unsubbed?).
However I wrote this post below before I noticed it was an offlist post (I
woudln't waste my time jsut repoling to Ruthless).

So having written it I will put it on the list as it tries to answer some
common prejudices and lies in the media on wha tis happening in Sri Lanka


Ruthless wrote:

"The popular President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, says the Tigers will be routed
any day now.
Their defeat will give Mr Rajapaksa a rare opportunity to forge a lasting
change in a deeply divided nation."

Might as well read: "The popular Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, says the resistance
will be routed any day now.

The comparison of the LTTE with "resistance against Hitler" is not valid.

The LTTE is a thuggish group that has committed numerous atrocities,
including against Tamils (especially Tamil Muslims). It expelled Tamil
Muslims from areas it controlled, at one point -- for example.

This is a war against two thuggish entities (the LTTE and the Sri
Lankan military) with civilians caught in the middle.



No, this is not a war between two equal groups of thugs. It is a war a
between an opresser and the oppressed.

The LTTE are not some *pure* resistance group. The Tigers have committed
crimes at different times. They are militaristic in their approach to
politics, and no doubt that goes at least someway to explaining why they
have been largely defeated.

That does not change anything fundamental in the situation. Whatever the
problems and limitations of hte Tigers, they existence and the genuinely
mass support they enjoy among the Tamil people (as indicated by election
results for Tiger-aligned Tamil National Alliance in Tamil Eelam and
certainly in the global diaspora support seems close to total) because of
the state oppression and violent repression meted out to the Tamil *people*.

That violence predates both the formation of the Tigers and the point at
which the Tigers began to win serious mass support for their armed struggle
for independence (1983 "Black July" anti-Tamil pograms that killed 3000

 In fact, it is sickening to try and put an equal sign between the Sri
Lankan army and an armed resistance group, which, for all its crimes, is
what the LTTE remain. It is like trying to put an equal sign between the IDF
and Hamas.

There is one side committing genocide right now. There is one side
establishing concentration camps and turning the north and est of Sri Lanka
into a giant prison camp. Media are not allowed into these camps, and access
by aid groups is heavily restricted.

There is one side relentlessly bombing a zone it delcared a "no-fire zone"
that civilians could go to. The death toll is in excess of 6500 Tamil
civialians since January. that is Gaza times three. It is prerfectly fitting
that the Sri Lankan military commit these atrocities with military equipment
purchased from Israel.

Dozens <http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=29240>, sometimes
hundreds of Tamil civilians die every day. And now there is a humanitarian
crisis caused by Sri Lanka's refusal to allow adequate food and medical
supplies to reach Tamil civilians they are targeting.

The argument that civlians are "caught int he middle" is not true. It is the
line run byt he Sri Lankan governemnt and repeated by the media and other
organisations around the world. CFar from being caught "between" the Tigers
and the Sri Lankan Army, the SLA is deliberately targeting them.

The LTTE, after all, has declared a unilateral ceasefore.

The Sri Lankans claim the Tigers keep civilaisn against their will. The
Tigers claim that civlians actually flee the SLA into the territory still
held by the Tigers.

There is no indpednent verification oif either claim, yet the media report
the Sri Lankan claim as though it is fact.

But hee is somethie we know is fact - the Sri Lankans are bombing the no
fire zone. That is where civlians are. They tried to deny it for a long
time, but satelite
photos<http://www.innercitypress.com/UNOSAT19April09.pdf>reveal they
have shelled the safe zone evidence has forced them to admit it.

So,kething else we know is fact: the Sri Lankans are roudning up the Tamil
captures (or "frees", in their and the media's terminology) and places them
into barbed wire-encaged internment camps. There are plenty of
the nature of the camps, including accounts of seperating out the men
and women and old from young. But we can just stick to the known fact that
they are placing them into enclosed prison camps.

These two facts are enough to suggest it is likely that Tamil civilians
would not feel inclined to rush with open arms towards the Sri Lankan
military. They would have reason to do what they could to avoid them.

This "trapped between" rubbish is rubbish. Whatever the Tigers are doing or
not doing, civilians are being targeted de;liberaly and systematically by
the Sri Lankan military.

Who are the Tamil Tigers? <http://www.greenleft.org.au/2009/792/40803>

The Tamils need support <http://www.greenleft.org.au/2009/791/40742>

We don't need to turn a blind eye to the nature of the Tigers and their
mistakes and even crimes. But at a time like this, you need to be able to
tell who the main aggressors are, what the source of the problem is, and
having done that, chose which side you are on.

For those cormades on this list capable of distinguisxhing between oppressed
and oppressor, and want to add their name to opposition to the genocide, you
add your name to this statement
<http://www.greenleft.org.au/2009/792/40764>initated at the World at a
Corssroads conference in Sydney.


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