[Marxism] Couple of Things

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Thanks Greg, but really, I was looking for some information regarding Obama 
attempting to "rip" Lula away from Mercosur as Nestor had claimed. Sorry I 
didn't make that crystal clear.

 I was aware of the reports that Obama had contacted Lula, but I can't find 
anything about actual terms of trade discussions that might "rip" Brazil out 
of Mercosur.

Not that that much ripping need take place anyway.  Between 2000 and 2007, 
the share of Brazil's [and Argentina's] exports going to Mercosur as 
compared to total exports actually declined, while the US remains the number 
one trade partner for Brazil, in both imports and exports.  Exports/imports 
to the EU have grown considerably in the past 4 years,  but then, the EU is 
27 countries, not 1-- although this certainly does help explain Lula's 
rather ambiguous role [and I'm being charitable] in the last failed round of 
Doha talks.

Yes, Nestor, I can read Spanish so if you would like to forward a link or an 
article about this, it would be most appreciated.

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> Associated Press
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