[Marxism] May I ask not to be wrongly labelled

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 29 03:33:15 MST 2009

What Fred has written here:

"The mislabeling has also gone goes beyond its role as normal sectarian
practice, extending to mislabeling Walter as a supporter by way of apology
of imperialist war (a position he supposedly takes to advance the interests
of the Cuban government). This is unadulterated demagogy as well as false in
fact. And thus, the "Marxists for Obama" argument has become part of the
basis for an exclusion from the list."

requires a practical response-- that being to reproduce the exact words that 
I characterized as an apology for imperialism, which characterization Fred 
calls unadulterated demagogy as well as false in fact.

Here it is:

"Eli sounds grateful, exultant and happy at the development.

The rest of the Obamaphobes will also be cheering every one
of these bits of what, to them, appears as good news.

Not all of the news fits the pre-conceived formula of 100%
Obama bad-bad-baddity. It's too bad Eli and the rest of them
can't appreciate a reality which is more nuanced than their
schema. I guess we'll have to do this for the next four more
years, minus two-and-a-half days.

Some people approach the world as if it was half full, and
Fidel is evidently trying to communicate with the majority
of the world and of the people of the United States whose
feelings about Obama are of encouragement. Others, alas,
think the glass is completely empty. Alas, they cannot
build much with all of that repetitive negativism."


So tell me what that language is, in all its "nuances" of appreciation for a 
reality that isn't 100% bad-bad-baddity, where the glass if half-full, where 
negativity doesn't plant any trees, means?  It's not an apology?  It's not 
an excuse?  It's not a "balancing" of murder vs... whatever?  OK, you're 
right.  Now because you're right tell me what it is.

Right, we're cheering for more imperialist slaughter-- which is why we 
oppose the US government in total, not just its momentary representatives, 
but its organization as a class power.

In the past   when I, residing in an advanced capitalist country,  have 
criticized a "national revolutionist" a la Morales or Lula or Mbeki, someone 
else, and often times Joaquin, responded with a remark that claims the I am 
"letting my own imperialist bourgeoisie off the hook."

Now where was that comment when Walter was taking Obama off the hook, line, 
and sinker?  Who's letting whom off the hook line and sinker now?

It, that comment, was nowhere.  It wasn't made.

It's all about the politics, all right.  And silence sometimes says it all.

Enough of this.  Say you like Walter, say you agree with him, say you want 
his politics on the list; but don't say he's being slandered or punished for 
saying something he didn't say.

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