[Marxism] defensive formulations

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Jan 28 18:00:56 MST 2009

Perhaps the classic work on "defensive formulations" is "Defense Policy in
the Minneapolis Trial" by James P. Cannon, someone long since expelled from
Louis' parlor.

This is a debate on the statements of the defendants in the trial of 18
leaders of the Teamsters' union in Minneapolis and SWP leaders on charges of
violating the Smith Act, set off by criticisms from an
anarchoid Trotskyist, Grandizo Munis, who said that the defendants should
have called for sabotage, "educative violence," and the use of "all means"
against capitalism.

It appears in the package of items in Pathfinder's Socialism on Trial,
Cannon's testimony at the trial, which was Munis' main target.

I think it belongs on the shelf of any good radical lawyer -- along, of
course, with the volumes of Corpus Juris Secundum.
Fred Feldman

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