[Marxism] On Walter's expulsion (a criticism and self-criticism)

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Wed Jan 28 01:28:56 MST 2009

Actually Waistline is a nickname given to me at age 14. I am 56 and a  
communist. I have been reading Marxmail pretty consistently for about eight  years 
and was a list member, kicked off (rightfully, not for politics but just  being 
vulgar and stupid), come back, given a warning, left and come back. My  birth 
name is Darryl Mitchell. I live in Florida. 
Everyone is different, and I take extreme caution in dipping into what I  
consider the business of other countries. Conditional support of states and  
unconditional support of revolution is a policy designed to keep ugly Americans  
out of trouble. Us American Marxists have all the solutions for the world.:-( 
I have always supported the Cuban Revolution, since age 16. My second wife  
blew one of her ovaries harvesting sugarcane in Cuba during  - if  memory 
serves me correct, during her second or third visit. The old tours  once sponsored 
by Jack Smith's Guardian, although I never was of the politics of  the 
Guardian. .She use to lead tours to Cuba and China.  I know a little  about Cuba and 
the recent transition in power. I also have been reading Walters  stuff for a 
little while. He got himself in trouble. Its no big deal. 
No one is required to support any particular policy of any state, that  
includes Cuba. Peddling the policy of a state is fraught with political and  
ideological danger. 
My politics are communist. My history is as that of an anarcho- syndicalist  
American brand. I grew up in Detroit and was part of a group of black  
communists. I'm a old Stalin dude won to his brilliance on Marxism and the  National 
Question. Strategy and Tactics (all articles) and several other  articles of 
critical insights. His Foundations of Lenin is still outstanding and  can be 
truly understood when compared with Soviet documents and articles written  
between 1922 and 1925. Comparing even Lenin's stuff with material from 2008,  
reveals a number of critical misunderstandings, even Lenin possessed. That's  
called a historical error, because in 1921 Lenin's 1921 stuff was real good. 
Paddy Apling is soft compared to my history. He's an original and the next  
generation tends to be more in imitation. Trust me on this. However, I do not  
argue Stalin today, only the operations of the law of value in the Soviet 
Union.  I wanted to contribute to the quickly piece on the Kulak, from the 
standpoint of  how Bukharin and Stalin expressed their understanding of the law of 
value, but  the discussion was not shaped to my liking. Bukharin was always much 
smarter on  economic matters - than even Lenin, but politics is a tricky 
Apparently we have differences of opinion. That normal for adults and  
children alike. That is alright. 
My old organizational affiliations included the League of Revolutionary  
Black Workers, Communist League and Communist Labor Party - a founding member of  
all three. I retired from Chrysler Motors after 30 years in Oct. 2001, was a  
union rep for a small time, and lived the life of a well paid slave. 
Those were the days. 
Walt is on vacation from the list. 
Lou is pretty level headed about the list and called Walt onto the carpet  
about a month or so ago and a couple of months before that; asked that he  
respond and he did not respond. Then it seemed Lou forgot. It is no big deal in  
the meaning that people have been kicked off the list, for infringements, come  
back, left and come back. There is actually two Lou's and one must learn to  
separate the writer from the moderator. What Lou writes is separate from his  
function as Moderator, at least in my opinion. Lou's function as moderator can  
not be fit into the old category of Zinovievism, although I have never agreed 
 with this concept as a valid approach to what happened in the old CPUSA in 
terms  of democratic centralism and standardization of Comintern doctrine.   
Look, a bunch of us have been kicked out of better places; night clubs and  
juke joints where the music is loud and the people dance loose. A couple of  
those joints I can never return to, but could return to Marxmail.;-) I have  
learnt my lessons.  
When American imperialist embargo comes down, I plan to do Cuba 6 - 10  times 
a year. No, I will not be working there cutting sugarcane or fixing  engines 
or anything else unless it is an unavoidable thing. Like the air  conditioning 
going out or something. Then Cuba's problems are really going to  start 
because no one and no human will can topple or collapse the law of value. 
Yea, the second wife got all the Cuban literature and old TriContinentals,  
during the heady days of Anglo and Cabral. She got that first edition of  
"Liberation of Guinea." 
As much as I respect Fidel he ain't God. Plus, we did not buy the  whole 
"Third Word" concept and analysis, which works in the world of political  
relations between states, but cannot be fitted into Marxism. I love African  but that 
was not socialism or a socialist revolution inn the Congo Brazzaville.  Hell, 
we personally knew many leaders of the Revolution in Ethiopia, but  hey . . . 
some were Marxist but they were over throwing the emperor. 
Now I was a real Mao man for about a year and a half, until I ran into  
members of The Revolutionary Union (RU) crew and all of them stood up  in unison 
waving a Red Book quoting what Mao said in a joint meeting.  This  was during 
the "party building period." I was like, "damn, this is worse than  the Black 
Panthers with their leather bulls eye jackets. At least the Panther  have good 
looking women." 
Then the Chairman of the party came to town on one of his frequent  visits 
and started kicking everyone ass for using memorizing as a studying  technique 
,pretty much ending the memorization routines. I still remember  what's on page 
212 of the Red Book. Ya'll remember, the piece  about idealism and 
metaphysics. :-)  Then the Chairman had  distributed the 1939 Textbook of Marxist 
Philosophy stating that "if anyone  wants to get anything wrong, then at least start 
with the absolute best." The  copy I have right now was printed July 1974 by 
the Communist  League 
Somewhere in this story I do some time sequences wrong. 
Those were the days.  
Take it easy.  
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