[Marxism] an end to the US blank check to Israel?

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Mon Jan 26 20:49:26 MST 2009

Lou wrote (in issue #85) -
Last night I rubbed my eyes in amazement at the segment on the  
Palestinians that appeared on CBS television's most prestigious news  
shows. Before I had a chance to track down a video clip this morning, I  
discovered that Lenin's Tomb had a link to it already.

Without  exaggeration, this report could have been written by Amy 
Goodman. The  Israelis are represented as warlike, expansionist goons 
implementing what  the reporter called an "apartheid" state.

I am not sure what this means  politically but have a suspicion that it 
represents some kind of turn in  elite opinion in the U.S. Anybody who 
watched it, unless they are committed  Zionists, will feel nothing but 
disgust for Israel.
I was thinking the same thing when I watched it. Only a few years ago, 
the phrase "occupied territories" in relation to Gaza, the West Bank and 
East Jerusalem was strictly verboten in the corporate media. Walt 
and Mearshimer's book, then Jimmy Carter's was an indication that  a 
more far sighted section of the US ruling class has finally realized that 
the blank check of support to Israel is a dead end. Now, in the wake  of  
widespread death and destruction in Gaza, worldwide condemnation of 
Israel, with Hamas more popular and Fatah more discredited than ever, 
comes this CBS broadcast.
For four decades, the media has presented the US public with a completely 
one-sided view of Israel and the Palestinians. It won't be too easy to do a  
How many gutless politicians (a redundancy!) would dare to risk their  
on a policy shift?
But is it too late - have the Israelis and their US supporters created a 
Frankenstein monster in the form of the racist and religious settler 
movement? There are about a quarter of a million of them in the West  Bank.
A section of them would accept a buyout offer along the absurdly  extravagant 
terms given to the Gaza settlers. But many of them - nut jobs predominantly 
from New York and New Jersey Jewish madrassas - insist that god gave  them 
the land and will fight to keep it. And as the interview noted, many  
soldiers are 
pro-settler and might disobey government orders to move the intruders  out. 
Would this reach the point of civil war among Israeli Jews? Because this  
be a godsend to the Palestinians, wouldn't Israel shrink from this, even if  
meant defying Washington?
It has been postulated for years that Israel, if ever cornered or even  
by the US, would respond in the manner of an ancient suicide  terrorist named 
Samson - it would take the entire region down with it. This is why  they have 
placed such a high premium on amassing a nuclear  arsenal.

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