[Marxism] Tea time in the moderator's parlor

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 08:52:17 MST 2009

Louis Proyect: 

"Anthony and Marla have both referred to "expelling" Walter. I have to 
take exception to that. People are expelled from organizations that
 like the SWP or the CPUSA that put huge demands on their time, their loyalty
and their money. There is nothing like this at all about Marxmail."

Reply: Louis, you have got some set opinions about Communist Parties. I am a 
member of the Communist Party of India for the last 35 years and there are 
many occasions when I differed with the Party and expressed my views freely in
the debates within the Party. I was neither expelled from the Party nor was I 
sidelined. In fact, our Andhra Pradesh State Party Secretatry once told me 
that "unless the members like you criticise me, how do I know that I may be doing
something wrong."
Accepting criticism is one of the pre-requisites of democratic functioning for a Marxist.
I am not sermonising, but just expressing what I feel about the situation.
Vijaya Kumar Marla
PS: I am sorry if the lines are scrambled or are too long. I just went on typing.


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