[Marxism] Supporting Obama should not lead to expulsion

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 15:36:44 MST 2009

We're discussing making an issue of foreclosures in Cincinnati, where
it's hit very quickly and very dramatically.  We're not like Detroit,
which has been dealing with these questions for some time.  There are
neighborhoods where it looks like 1/3 to 1/2 of the housing has been
foreclosed.  If we had a decent party of 200 people here, there'd be
no question, but what's available for this sort of thing is so limited
we have to pick and choose our fights.

Btw, absolutely anything going on politically in Cincinnati worth
knowing about is online

If the NAACP or another progressive mass organization is willing to
weigh in on this, we'll probably be able to do something. Right now,
the local focus has to been "environmental justice," reflecting some
modest initial successes bringing green politics alongside the
interests of the black community.  The latest NAACP statement on this
reads: "African American and Appalachian people have been devastated
by the irresponsible actions of some of our corporations in
Cincinnati.  Our children can not breathe, our men and women are dying
of cancer at alarming rates, and lead poisoning rates of our children
continue to be at high levels."

There are some real shifts.  The Campus Antiwar Network, the Campus
Greens, and the ISO are surviving as well as ever, though they're
usually disassociated from what happens in the wider community.  The
local Green organization has backslid tremendously, partly a result of
its dunderheadedness in the last election, but largely because of the
state of the Ohio Green Party...which strikes me as just about midway
in quality of the state parties associated with the GPUS...in short,
dead awful.


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