[Marxism] Bring Back Walter!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 25 12:57:05 MST 2009

> Better than that, look forward to it and start developing a little 
> tolerance and a civil tone.
> David McDonald

You mean like Walter's posts in the days before I unsubbed him?

1) It's truly pitiful that the perfectionistic ultraleftist
sectarians are so alienated from the ordinary people of the
United States, above all the Black masses of the United States
of America, that they are blind to what is happening right
in front of their faces. The sectarians' war against Obama
is as strident now as it was during the first days of the

2) Presumably these four modest steps do not earn the Good Housekeeping
Seal of Approval from the curator of the Unrepentent Marxist blog.

Marx rejected the designation "Marxist" when observing the
monkeyshines of other self-described Marxist. Their malicious
mischief which passes for commentary in the anti-Obama Battle
of Ideas makes a modern-day mockery of such self-descriptions
of a few individuals as "Marxists".

3) The frustration which the Obamaphobes reflect
is simply their way of wishing they could skip over the stage
of political consciousness in which we are TODAY, Day ONE.

4) Unlike the unrepentent sectarians, Raul Castro actually
directs a GOVERNMENT, one which has to put food on the
table of eleven million citizens...

By contrast, the sectarians only wish Obama BAD LUCK

5) The rest of the Obamaphobes will also be cheering every one
of these bits of what, to them, appears as good news.

Not all of the news fits the pre-conceived formula of 100%
Obama bad-bad-baddity. It's too bad Eli and the rest of them
can't appreciate a reality which is more nuanced than their
schema. I guess we'll have to do this for the next four more
years, minus two-and-a-half days.


Reviewing this provocative bullshit now, which is pretty consistent with 
Walter's debating style over the past 3 years, I can only describe 
David's call for tolerance and a civil tone as having a rather hollow 
ring. Frankly, after going back into the archives to review Walter's 
post during the post-inauguration period, I have to marvel at my own 
patience with putting up with this "spittle-flecked" language, to use 
David's term for as long as I did. I guess one person's spittle is 
another person's honey.

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