[Marxism] VIDEO: Seeger and Springsteen sing original Woody Guthrie at Obama concert

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 08:54:05 MST 2009

Louis wrote, "I want to see all the war criminals of the past 7 years
put on trial for torturing, kidnapping and murdering Muslim peoples.
It is simply amazing that in light of Bush and Cheney's open
admissions that they authorized waterboarding, a practice that was
used by the French in Algeria and that the Pentagon once characterized
as torture, that Barack Obama does not intend to indict these

We're actually getting very mixed signals on this.

The general predisposition of all presidents of both parties for more
than a century is to not trash any precedents that would give back
powers that the executive acquired.  However, there are serious noises
about prosecutions for war crimes by people in the U.N. and the
pundits on MSNBC (hardly a bastion of radicalism) are quite insistent
in discussing the question.  Some Democratic leaders are also pushing
the point, notably Dennis Kucinich.

In the best of all possible worlds, of course, we'd be organizing
large marches on Washington calling for prosecution.  But, in that
world, we'd have already been marching for years over impeachment and
might well have carried the day on it.  Nevertheless, as with Nixon,
many self-described Marxists viewed the issue as irrelevant on the
grounds that it didn't matter which bourgeois politician was in the
White House.

Given that we didn't build anything around impeachment, we're not in a
position to build much of a movement to prosecute.  But far more
influential forces than us are still at work on this question.


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