[Marxism] Israeli snipers firing at Palestinian refuge seekers

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Thu Jan 15 08:06:22 MST 2009

For Immediate Release

Israeli snipers are shooting at families who are attempting to seek
refuge in Al-Quds hospital, Gaza City. Palestinian and international
volunteers are now on the streets outside the hospital to try and get
the families inside the hospital.

Australian Human Rights Activist Sharon Lock is assisting medical
teams at the hospital,

"Israeli snipers are shooting at families attempting to get to the
hospital. They are frightened and have no where to go. At least two
families have been shot at now, children have been wounded."

Al-Quds hospital, Gaza City, located in the Tel al Huwa neighbourhood
of Gaza, has been under attack by the Israeli army since 1:30 AM.
According to International volunteers at the hospital it has been hit
by shells four times.

"The hospital has received over 150 calls for help from people
including many children in the surrounding area who have been wounded
and are in desperate need of medical care. The Israeli army has
surrounded the hospital and no one is able to get in or out." – Sharon
Lock (Australia) International Solidarity Movement

No one is able to get to these children.

Correction for previous ISM press release: The hospital surrounded by
Israel snipers is Al-Quds hospital, not Al-Aqsa as previously stated.

Please contact:

Sharon Locke (ISM) at the Al Aqsa hospital

Al-Aqsa Hospital operations room

ISM Media Office:
Adam Taylor – 059-850-3948

Neta Golan – 059-818-4169

ISM Media Office - 02-297-1824

Human Rights Activists in Gaza:

Caoimhe Butterly (Ireland) - +972 598 273 960

Alberto Arce Spain - (Spanish) - +972 59 8786094

Eva Bartlett - Canada (English) - +972 59 8836308

Ewa Jasiewicz – Coordinator of the Free Gaza movement in Gaza.
Poland / Britain (Polish, English and Arabic) + 447749421576

Sharon Lock - Australia (English) - +972 59 8826513

Vittorio Arrigoni - Italy (Italian) - +973 59 8378945

Jenny Linnel - Britain (English) -  +972 59 8765377

Fida Qishta - Palestine (English and Arabic) +972 599681669

Haled Abu Gali - +972 599 768228

Dr. Haider Eid - South Africa (English and Arabic)  - + 972 59 9441766

Dr Assed Shark - +972 824613 or +972 599 322636

Natalie Abu Shakra - Lebanon (Arabic and English) +972 59 8336 328

For More General Information, Please Contact:

Adam Taylor - ISM media office in Ramallah - +972 598 503 948

For blogs from inside Gaza see:




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