[Marxism] On Palestine again

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 20:47:10 MST 2009

There are vigils and pickets and an emergency rally planned for Saturday
here in Brisbane.

I have been following events as I reported before from a wide range of
sources and it is quite horrifying to see a fraction of what is going on.
The Al Jazeera coverage is I think excellent though the Arabs I spoke said
they preferred presstv out of Iran.  The angry arab blogsite has been very
informative too.  Though the picture he put up today of the murdered 3 year
old girl will stay with me  and continue to horrify me for the rest of my
life. Which brings me to the reason for this post.  I read in Haaretz of how
the Israelis have already set up a task force to plan their post massacre PR
offensive.  It is as if George Armstrong Custer had a posse of press agents
with him as he rode down on the unarmed women and children in the villages
he so bravely conquered.

The  Haaretz report has this to say:

"The task force's preliminary recommendations highlight the need for Israel
to project two kinds of messages abroad. The Arab world must receive a
deterrent message indicating Israel will not accept a reality in which its
civilians have to endure rocket fire.

The Western world, however, must be presented with the message that despite
the scale of destruction rained on Gaza, Israel is a democratic state with a
similar worldview to countries in Europe and the United States.

Still, Foreign Ministry officials are convinced that these public relations
efforts will not suffice to restore Israel's image and will need to be
backed up by diplomatic progress with the Palestinians".

The emphasis apparently will be on preventing Iran from getting money into
Gaza and to side line Hamas and to arrange things so Abbas & Dahlan get the
credit for the reconstruction.

I wonder how stupid the Israelis think the Palestinians are.  The IAF has
conducted over 2300 sorties.  God alone knows what the size of the
contribution of the Israeli navy has been.  Throw in the tanks, artillery
and drones and one can get some idea of the massive scale of the slaughter
unleashed on Gaza, and the Israelis admit they have a PR problem.

Haaretz also has a report that a demonstration in Ramallah has been
cancelled for lack of support.  The Israeli jack boot is on the neck of the
people of the West Bank and then the occupiers boast of their success.

The setting up of a task force to massage public opinion is as if Israel
(and its American backers) are unwilling to admit the hatred the seeds of
hatred they have planted.  The entire organised Left and almost all left
liberals have turned decisively against them.  Yet if Haaretz is correct the
Israeli butchers intend to come us and them dripping blood and dirt from
every pore and they will tell us that they share the same worldview as us.

To the Arabs they will turn their true face and say "look what will happen
to you if you oppose us in any way."

But the racism of the two fold nature of their approach will fail. What they
have done is to totally destroy the moral basis of all their actions.  In
Lebanon in 2006 they murdered until the atrocity at Qana turned world
opinion against them.  What they succeeded in doing there was to make Hassan
Nasrallah the most popular Arab leader in the region.  In 2008/9 when the
Hamas leadership emerges they too will join the ranks of those whom all
Arabs admire and look to.

We in the West too will admire the courage of the same leadership and the
sacrifices of the entire Palestinian people.  We will of course continue to
have criticism of Hamas, but to the Zionists who claim to have murdered the
300 plus children in the war on terror we will all say - "Not in our name"



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