[Marxism] The American Ruling Class

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jan 13 12:50:04 MST 2009

Among the pleasures of John Kirby’s 2005 documentary “The American 
Ruling Class” is watching Doug Henwood coolly dissect a hedge fund 
manager in his own office. Since the movie was written by and features 
Lewis Lapham as a kind of Virgil escorting two recent fictional Yale 
graduates into the hell of class society, it has access to the separate 
worlds that the two major social classes live in. From the corporate 
offices of the NY Times and Goldman-Sachs to the pancake house that 
employs interviewee Barbara Ehrenreich, you get to see all sides of a 
system that Lapham has condemned for decades in the pages of “Harper’s” 
despite his patrician roots. Like Gore Vidal, Lapham is distinguished by 
his hatred for the injustices of a society that his upper crust peers 
take for granted.


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