[Marxism] Talking to the Israeli military

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 11 16:23:24 MST 2009

This very useful MRZine link has a phone number for the IDF that I 
called using Skype.


I was rather surprised that the officer stayed on the line for me as 
long as he did since I was firing on all 8 cylinders. I am sure that he 
had to think hard about these facts: my mother was president of Hadassah 
in the 1950s in a village that was 80 percent Jewish; I went to Hebrew 
school and was bar mitzvahed. When he told me that Hamas was terrorist, 
I asked him what was the Irgun? I am sure it didn't accomplish anything, 
but it felt great to get my anger out of my system. Who knows. Maybe it 
is good that they think that people are calling them long distance to 
ventilate. Thank god for Skype.

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