[Marxism] Officer Who Murdered Oscar Grant Goes Into Hiding Following Death Threats

Steven L. Robinson srobin21 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 7 13:44:50 MST 2009

Given that the police murdered Grant in Alameda County, California - one of the more "liberal" jurisdictions in the US - it is more likely than elsewhere that a prosecution will be forthcoming, although in legal circles the speculation is that the officer will be prosecuted for some form of "manslaughter" [The defense - if it can be called that - is that the officer intended to shoot him with a taser but pulled out his revolver instead].

For the Grant family, the more important thing is the civil lawsuit which could be worth millions.  But the problem there is that  suing a governmental entity can be difficult. They have lots of legal defenses. In California, mass transit agencies such as BART are especially difficult to sue and rarely settle. Getting justice for Grant's family will likely take years. SR

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From: Sky Keyes 

 the most important thing

in this article is that NO ONE that the reporters talked to could remember A

SINGLE INSTANCE where a police officer was accused of a crime for killing a

civilian in cold blood!!  They even cite an instance where a man was shot in

the back!!  Do they want another uprising?!?!  How much more of this police

terror will the citizens take?  To quote the authors of this article:  "If

Mehserle is charged with a crime in Grant's shooting, it will be a first."

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