[Marxism] Gaza: What is happening?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 01:58:55 MST 2009

I don't know if Joaquin and Fred have any thoughts about what is happening
and what is likely to happen in Gaza, but it would be great if they could
post on this.  I have been monitoring the tv, Haaretz, Debka.com, Al Jazeera
and the Palestinian and Hizbollah sites.  There appears to be no agreement
between Israeli and Palestinian accounts of the fighting except around the
question of the number of Palestinians killed. The Palestinian side is
claiming successes with regard to 2 Israeli soldiers captured, tanks
destroyed, helicopter down  and Israeli army casualties. The Israelis are
admitting only one death and about 30 injuries.

In terms of the PR offensive that Israel launched to garner support for
their actions, this has to be regarded as a failure.  The Palestinians have
won clearly and decisively the PR battle.  There have been massive
mobilisations around the world and that surely must be a concern to the
As I have said repeatedly, the crucial arena for the hearts & minds is that
of the Arab world.  Here the Palestinians seem to be doing well at least at
the street level.  But Mubarak and the Kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia
still cling on.

As for the military situation my own best guess is that the Israelis will
continue the killing principally thru bombing and artillery for the short to
medium term.  They seem reluctant to commit ground troops for they may be in
a cleft here.  If they do not do battle on the ground they boost Arab morale
enormously.  If they do engage in street battles then they must win
decisively.  They cannot afford another defeat such as they experienced in

I am going to an organizing meeting tonite to plan next week's rally & march
and other action to build up support for Palesine.  The Islamic daspora is
being galvanised by the suffering of the people of Gaza, but publicly
Australia remains a loyal US & Israeli ally. It would be good to make a dint
in that.



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