Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 06:29:12 MST 2009

Hi Nestor,

Greetings.  That Brazil and Argentina have expressed their condemnation is
very good to hear.

Some sort of demo is being planned for tomorrow in Brisbane.  I hope to get
to speak at it.  At the demo on Saturday I was struck  yet again by the need
to find a way to talk to the Arabs and Muslims who have been motivated to
come out in defense of the Palestinians.

I do not really have time to get into the debate about revolution and
fundamentalism.  It seems to me clear that the enemy is American Imperialism
and their bloodthirsty Zionist lackeys and that the urgency is to build
solidarity with those who are being slaughtered.

I had no trouble at all in joining in the slogan Allahu Akbar on Saturday
and I am an irreconcilable atheist.  But we need to show solidarity at this
time in the way that the people who are in struggle can understand.
I am heartened though by the obvious fact of the world wide opposition to
what is happening in Gaza.  Israel's capacity to slaughter can not be
doubted but there is a price to be paid for that skill.  The world is
looking on in horror as the Zionist butchers go about their dirty work.

The western media are of course loyally supporting Israel's offensive but
reality is puncturing the smooth well practised pronouncements of the
Zionists. Speaking of which I have just watched on the BBC a Palestinain,
Sam Bahour, actually speaking in fluent English about what is happening to
Palestinians.  For years I have been driven to despair by the refusal of the
PLO to permit people who can speak English to address the international

To repeat myself, all eyes should be on the Arab world.  A successful
democratic revolt anywhere would put an end to the obscenity that is being
perpetrated on Palestinians.



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