[Marxism] Israel's true intentions

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 10:58:14 MST 2009

I totally disagree with Lowenstein from Counterpunch. He is wrong. It is 
in fact the opposite of what he postulates.

The Israelis' would LOVE to have a 'stable Palestinian state' in Gaza 
and the West Bank. Where is this guy coming from? "Stability" can have 
many relative meanings. The Zionists actually DO want a Bantustan, a 
hamstrung, but *prosperous* Palestinian state. Why in the world wouldn't 
they? I elite middle-class, tied to Israeli financial capital, a week 
police force, border controlled completely by the IDF...a place to drive 
Israeli Arabs too when their numbers get too big. The last thing they 
will ever do is try to annex these areas, despite historic plans in the 
bottom draw for a "Greater Israel" and other pipe dreams of Zionists on LSD.


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