[Marxism] Blacks versus the New Deal

Tom Cod tcod at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 1 10:52:41 MST 2009

Now, a certain historical figure has recently been getting some reference as
the last person who faced denial of his Senate seat, in this case upon his 
re-election, that figure being the buffoonish Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi
(1877-1947), who previously as governor fired much of the faculties of the state's universities
in order to replace them with his own cronies, the Dean of medical 
school having the qualification that "he once took a course in dentistry".
This individual, who brings to mind Phil Ochs lyric, "and the speeches of 
the Governor are the ravings of a clown."  Below is an example of how far Bilbo,
an admitted Klan member ("once a Ku Kluxer, always a Ku Kluxer"), was 
willing to go in suspending his anti-Catholicism during the 1928 presidential 

"During the 1928 presidential election, Bilbo helped Al Smith carry the state despite an overwhelming anti-Catholic sentiment, by claiming that Herbert Hoover had met with a black member of the Republican National Committee and danced with her. In a speech in Memphis on October 17,
Bilbo asserted that during a visit to Mississippi in 1927, 'Hoover
insisted that his train be routed through Mount Bayou... in order that
he might visit Mrs. Mary Booze, a negress, socially,' and added, 'Mary
Booze is as black as the ace of spades. And Hoover danced with her.'
Though widely reported, and although an anonymous political flyer
featuring a doctored photo supposedly showing Hoover and Mrs. Booze
dancing together was circulated throughout the South, the odd story did
not prevent Hoover from being elected President of the United States
the following month.[without carrying MS and the Solid South obviously]-Wikipedia

> As to the 1920s, I doubt the KKK ever suspended its virulent
> anti-Catholicism to accommodate the locals. 

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