[Marxism] Hamas is hoping for an IDF ground operation

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Wed Dec 31 22:00:22 MST 2008

Eric wrote:

>What hamas shows me is that their is NO substitution for a marxist 
>anylisis and National liberation based on the class struggle.
To which JScotlive responded:
>What this remark shows me is that even as an oppressed people are 
>being slaughtered, we still have armchair socialists from the 
comfort of 
>their keyboards engaging in puritanical horseshit.
>I wonder if you'd have made the same remark to the Jews of the 
>Warsaw  Ghetto in 1943?
>This is no time for paternalism. 
What does a critical observation about the political leadrship of 
Hamas have 
to do with Puritans or Puritanism? Eric was not making a moral 
and your guilt trip about armchairs and keyboards is juvenile. As 
to the Warsaw 
Ghetto uprising it was, in fact, lead by Communists and Socialists 
so there would 
be no need for the kind of criticism Eric was making.

I agree this is no time for paternalism and it is definately not 
time for
unqualified political support for Hamas. To endorse their program 
an Islamic regime in all of Palesine is to reject the goal of the 
Revolution for a secular, democratic state. In  case anyone has 
It was for this vision that the independent armed strugle against 
occupation began.

The slogan of the fighters for this dream is, "for generation after 
until total liberation." Total liberation will not come courtesy of 
Islamic law
and it is entirely appropriate for Marxists, on a Marxist 
discussion list,
to say so. 

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