[Marxism] GP entrails [In defense of Harrington and American Menshevism]

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 16:35:50 MST 2008

Frankly, Bhaskar Sunkara's comments reveal no real grasp of what the
Democratic Party is or how it works.  The American two-party system
are based on caucus parties.  There are no members.  People who prefer
Toyotas don't own the company, and Americans who call themselves
"Democrats" are simply expressing a similar consumer.

For this reason, I wonder about the basis on which Bhaskar Sunkara
suggests that Michael Harrington had the right idea about such things.

Someone like Harrington who supported the imperialist policies of his
ruling class isn't just wrong on that one tiny, little point, but is
fundamentally confused as to which side they're on.  That makes
whatever his contribution--or that of his political
current--conditional on what will be acceptable to the ruling class.


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