[Marxism] Our time is not the 30s

Sky Keyes skeyesvogt at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 10:29:52 MST 2008

"That is because my support for Obama was never based on his policies..."

Wow, that's quite a statement.  By this definition, Obama could have
literally said ANYTHING and she would have voted for him so long as youths
were moved to organize for him and show up at his rallies.  If this isn't
the defnition of 'jumping on the bandwagon' then what is?

"...even the poorest Americans have more "goods" than yesterday's kings and
queens. Yet, rich, middle
class or poor, "we the people" have not found happiness..."

Grace Lee Boggs has lost her damn mind to say something like this, unless it
hinges upon the defnition of "goods," in which case it is still worthless.
Whether or not my brother that's locked up has a black and white TV or my
friends in the projects have microwaves, to compare their lives favorably to
kings and queens only serves to strengthen the hand of those who say "they
don't have it that bad."  They live in slums whilst the kings and queens had
Versailles and the like.  And who the hell said that rich people haven't
found happiness?!  I must admit I don't really know them like that, but
maybe she hasn't seen an episode of MTV Cribs... they look pretty damn happy
to me!

Sky Keyes

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