[Marxism] The fight in the SWP, conclusion (What kind of party we need)

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Mon Dec 29 23:24:11 MST 2008

Mark Lause wrote:
> Craig Brozefsky is as honest as he has been.
> His is simply clueless about the GPUS nominations and most of what
> he's talking about here about what I think or don't think. There's
> ample material on both in the Marxmail archives.   Still, I hope that
> anyone who takes what Craig says on these things seriously actually
> does what he suggests.

Oh, how lame.  I present some parts of the record and bring up facts 
around the nomination process in those two years that blows up your 
over-simplified analysis that some DemoGreen or "big fish in little 
pond" stole the nomination by rigging the process -- and you call me 

I'm not even trying to place the blame entirely on Nader and Camejo in 
2004, who made a major mistake IMO in not seeking the nomination but 
instead just an endorsement.  It was his for the taking.  Quite likely, 
2008 was his for the taking too if he had not done the same thing.  At 
the same time, the GPUS's ability to support a presidential candidate in 
  a meaningful fashion is limited, so it's not like he was throwing away 
a  Golden Ticket.

I don't think the results would have been significantly different in 
either race tho, because what is obvious is that there is in no way mass 
support for a third-party presidential candidate when the 
anybody-but-bush mentality is rolling.  However, at the state and local 
level, there is mass support for a third-party and that is where any 
political party attempting to be a real actor in the electoral realm 
needs to develop.

Recognition of this was one reason why Cobb got support, and why the 
GPUS was not willing to have no nominee and simply endorse someone who 
would not use the campaign to build the party at the lower levels.  The 
result of Cobb's campaign are apparent here in Illinois.

I understand that the presidential race is the "big show" but I think 
it's really NOT where the work is to be done, at this stage.  The 
formation of a political unity around the GPUS platform at the national 
level is IMO, a big achievement.  I'm not convinced it will be the 
entity that leads us to a glorious revolution, but I don't think any 
one, existing entity is.  That's one reason why I didn't get all 
butt-hurt (to revive a childhood phrase) about the SP, or PSL or any of 
the other candidates running for president.  Heck, we had some shared 
PSL/GP candidates for State Rep. offices here in Chicago.

Maybe I've been infected by Green thinking, but I tend to look at the 
"left" as an ecosystem, where the different parties and tendencies play 
their roles.  It's not just survival of the fittest, or most correct 
political line.  Anyways, I need to think this out a bit more before I 
can write it down effectively.

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