[Marxism] Nationalism threatens Brazil's regional interests

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 14 09:12:05 MST 2008

So if it's a waste of time, discussing this with non-Brazilian, why even 
produce these unsupported assertions on this list?  Very few Brazilians on 
this list, to my knowledge; we haven't heard from Carlos Rebello in a while. 
But if anybody from or not from Brazil wants to add his/her own analysis, it 
would be most welcome.

This may come as a surprise Nestor, but the particulars of my position are 
also "rooted in an attempt to fully understand the complex and fascinating 
history of Brazil."  Busy you may be, unique you are not.

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> On these issues I prefer to debate with Brazilians. Anything else is a
> waste of time at least from my own selfish POV.

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