[Marxism] ACN: Vanessa Redgrave in Cuba to Present “The Fever”

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Vanessa Redgrave in Cuba to Present “The Fever”

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 10(acn) British actress Vanessa Redgrave travelled
to Havana city for the 30th New Latin American Film Festival to
present her film “The Fever”

Redgrave has starred in other films known to the Cuban audience like
“Julia” and “Howards End” and in this movie she brings to the
festival she is directed by her son Carlo Gabriel Nero.

“The Fever” is a British-American production and includes cameos by
Angelina Jolie, Joely Richardson and Oscar-winning documentary maker
Michael Moore in his big screen acting debut.

The film is based on a theatre monologue by actor and writer Wallace
Shawn, and it is Nero’s second movie. He had also directed Redgrave
in his opera prima Uninvited in 1999.

Now, the famous British actress plays the leading role in a drama
that gives life to a woman belonging to a wealthy class who is
travelling through a poor country at war and suddenly suffers a minor

The fever and discomfort make her ponder about the privileges of the
western bourgeois classes in contrast to the poverty, violence and
unfairness around.

Vanesa Redgrave won the Cannes Festival Best Actress Award in 1966
for her part in “Morgan”, which was also one of the several Oscar
nominations she has received.

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