[Marxism] sectarian? Re: The Obama Cult

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 1 15:14:34 MST 2008

Cherry pick?  Show me something somewhere in any of your posts to counter 
the overall impression that I derived from your soul-searching over Obama, 
your personal era of good feelings, new deal, square deals, new frontiers, 
Lincolnesque Rooseveltians.

What exactly is your meaning and content, if not what I think it is?  That's 
what I think Gary means when he talks about the dissembling going on here, 
and you have certainly shown yourself to be the dissembler guy.

Haven't cherry picked a thing.  I chose those quotes because they convey the 
whole sense of your posts.  Anybody and everybody is welcome to review the 
whole body of your posts and see if I cherry-picked, leaving out the true 
revolutionary essence.

If there is some other content that I'm missing perhaps somebody can point 
it out to me.

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