[Marxism] Once again on the ANC betrayal of South Africa's poor.

Aaron Aarons aaron at mylists.fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 1 06:17:56 MST 2008

This is a follow-up to the thread,  "[Marxism] a thought on bombay/mumbai attacks".

At 06:20 +0000 2008/12/01, Tom Cod wrote:
>I think you're engaging in the straw man tactics you have been deploring so much on here.

Please point to one single "straw man" that I have invoked, Tom!

>the fall of apartheid, like the fall of the Tsar was a victory for the people's movement.

Tom keeps on treating the "fall of apartheid" as if it were entirely separate from the deal which ended formal white rule and, at the same time, guaranteed -- as far as the ANC, SACP and COSATU could guraranteee it -- the continuation of white capitalist economic domination and white privilege. (It is apparently a congenital characteristic of opportunists to evaluate a single aspect of a phenomenon separately from other aspects of the same phenomenon, so that they can celebrate the first and ignore the others.)

>Surely the black workers movement is in a better position to struggle for its interests now than it was under Botha,

Please explain how!

>ditto for the workers and peasants under the provisional government after the Tsar had been tossed out,

The situations were very different, as can be noted by comparing the 8 months it took for capitalism to be overthrown in Russia after the Tsar was forced out with the 18 years since the ANC leadership was freed from prison and the 14 years since the ANC came to power, with capitalism -- at least until the current world meltdown -- stronger than ever.

>ditto for the Germans after Hitler was defeated etc.

This is so different from what happened in South Africa that there's no need to comment on it.

 - Aaron

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